I was just sitting here thinking …


And it’s probably not a good idea to sit here unsupervised with uncontrolled thoughts.  But I was just thinking about all the stuff that we used to have for display for the Christmas holidays.  Momma had some glass Christmas tree ornaments from my Grandma but I have no idea whatever happened to them.  And then I got to thinking about all of the nutcrackers Momma would have out for this time of year.  Most of them disappeared in some garaged sales but my step Dad still has a few that he felt were special.

It makes me realize just how transient we actually are in this world.   It makes me wonder where all this stuff actually went even tho I know it all more than likely ended up in recycling or in a landfill.  Yeh, stuff comes and goes.  It makes me wonder if the gummys will ever say something like “Do you remember those houses Grandpa had at Christmas time?  I wonder where they went?  Why didn’t we grab that stuff when we had a chance?