Monday Night


This was a day that would try men’s souls.  It caused me to take a step back and pause.  That’s what winters around this neck of the Hundred Acre are good for with me.  It helps make me take some time to stop and pause for a spell.  Minnesota winters are good for a pause.  A long pause come to think of it because the winters come early and stay long.

But one thing that I noticed this morning was how yellow the sunlight was when it spread out along the ground.  It caused me to pause and take a couple shots of the sunlight on the snow.  Then I set the shots aside and went back to work and to a very trying day.

I see people on WP who paint with colors and with words.  Something grabs my eye and I try to paint it with a lens.  Sometimes I do OK.  Most times I don’t cuz they turn out a little out of focus or not quite right.  Kinda like how today went.  It was a little out of focus and a little fuzzy.  So I deleted it like one of my out of focused shots.

Just so you know …


For those of you who aren’t living in the north or in Buffalo, New York, it’s a rather tropical and warm -18C (-1F)out there right now at 6:02 AM (0602) in central Minnesota.  I am so glad I’m not commuting this morning.  I’d be a Popsicle in a long coat.