Sunday Afternoon


L.T. Garvin writes about her stragglers in a wonderful poem.  You can view her poem at  to read.  Leave a comment and/or give her a follow if you haven’t already.

These are my stragglers.  The last of my marigolds after they’ve turned brown and wilted.  Somehow they look very appealing to me in the snow.

It’s looking a lot like that time of year again.

I woke up, looked outside and gave a little groan.  Yeh, there would be work outside this morning for this kid; but first a cup of coffee to wake up.  Actually I had two cuz I needed the second cup to get motivated to put some warm clothes on.  I watched as the plow went by pushing even more of that icky bad stuff up into my drive.  Ugh!

I know Momma C likes seeing pics of this stuff.  I would too if I lived in the land of perpetual sun and warmth.  I’ve even thought about being a snowbird but I highly doubt that Mommy and Daddy would liek me take the gummys with me.  I’m sure they would have some crazy notion that they need to go to school or something along those lines.

Regardless, I took these from the relative safety and warmth of being indoors at the time.  I’ll put some thought into going back outside later on today but I prefer to saty warm at the moment.  It’s cold out there.