Saturday Night


Yeh it’s coming down.  Quite a bit of it is supposed to fall out of the sky between now and tomorrow afternoon.  It was prime motivation for my oldest to leave the gummys here while Mom & Dad went out Christmas shopping.  The girls and I stayed inside and kept busy baking some cookies and doing some drawings and such.  They let out a big cheer of joy when I announced that it had started snowing outside.  I remembered how much I liked seeing it snow when I was their age, so I guess it’s not so bad after all.

So we’ll wait to see what the morning brings and just how much of that icky bad white stuff that it leaves for me.  I know what the weather forecasters said we’re supposed to get and I’m hoping against hope that they’re wrong.  I doubt that I’m right tho.  I’m sure whatever the Ice Maiden leaves me will result in some photos that Momma C will want to see.  I wanna see green grass and flowers growing once again.