Hard Candy


My dentist hates me for doing this every year but I’ve had hard candy for Christmas for every year for as long as I can remember.  It’s something Momma always bought from Kresge’s or Woolworth’s or at the market.  Lots and lots of ribbons of multicolored and multiflavored candy.  I have this every year.  I had this sent to me when I was deployed overseas.  I’ll probably die with this stuff in my system.

What one thing do you do every year for the holidays?


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  1. We make biscochos (wedding type cookies with powdered sugar and cinnamon cookies). It’s not Christmas here without making 25-30 pounds of three different types of tamales. It’s SO much work but it’s worth it. Me, my grandma and mom make them every year for Christmas dinner. My grandma buys these kinds of hard candies every year. I could take them or leave them. Lol. I go crazy for chocolate!

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    1. Momma used to melt white chocolate for the pretzels and then she would sprinkle them with that red and green sugar crystals. she just had to add more sugar to the concoction

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  2. Hmph…. I usually spend my holiday season at home, avoiding all the mundanes who are out pursuing their delusional dreams of supernatural forces controlling their density (spelling deliberate….). Though most seem to be in a good mood, the stress they are currently experiencing makes them unpredictable, which puts me on edge, dripping adrenaline like a madman to try to watch them all for signs of imminent breakdown….

    Entertaining, but, a little tiring, too….

    SIGH…. I’m always glad to see a new year, though it seldom gives me much hope for Homo Suicidus….

    gigoid, the dubious

    The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


    Oh, btw; you might find this an interesting take on sugar, of which hard candy is strictly composed….

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  3. A Perfectmindstorm

    I bake those stupid cutout Christmas cookies that I hate, but always had to make with my kids and now I have to do it with my granddaughter and every year I swear I am not going to bake them and then I am sitting in my kitchen baking them and decorating them , or letting the grandchild decorate them and then I have to clean up that mess…….. Ugh, I have to find a way to stop this stupid tradition 😀

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