Five for Friday


1. It’s Brrr! out there and that icky bad white stuff that certain people like is falling from the sky.  It’s a lovely and tropical -12C (11F) out there right now.  I know certain people that live in the land of eternal sun and warmth like seeing pics like these, so you will see more as the season progresses.  Me?  I’m already looking forward to Spring.  I have absolutely no use for this stuff after Dr. King’s birthday.

2. My Lily cat thinks right now that she’s dying from starvation and neglect.  Oh please!  Those two cats are too well fed in fact the vet says they could stand to lose some weight.  Miss Lily and Big Boy obviously think she has completely lost her mind.

3.  It’s time for a trip to Stillwater to visit the Kathe Wohlfarht store.  I need some more cones for my smokers and I haven’t bought a new smoker in a long time.  What’s a smoker?  Look here and you’ll know:  I wonder if they will think I just gave them a plug and they’ll give me something for free?

4. I’m so behind this morning with everything.  I just spent 3 hours working non-stop without a break and I’m just now getting to WP.  This work thingee is starting to interfere with my WP friends thingee.

5. No, I haven’t gotten all of my Christmas shopping done.  Yes, I sent out my Christmas cards.  Yes, Miss Lily is still messing up the tree skirt.  Isn’t my life dazzling and exciting for a south metro urbanite???

OK, I think that will close up this post for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a “Howdy Do” if you so desire.


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24 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

  1. We have a tree skirt messer upper in our house too. Vivi (Our precious chiweenie) never does anything naughty at all. Never. It’s almost bizarre how well behaved she is. But every year without fail she messes up that tree skirt every opportunity she gets. It’s hard not to laugh because it’s so out of character for her. 🙂

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  2. 1. That person from the land of eternal sunshine had rain this morning which was nice, but that person wishes they had snow , but probably never will so that person needs to move but that person is a procrastinator , so will probably not move before that person dies, so I guess that person will continue to wear shorts in December till they lay her in the ground .

    2. The kitties need more exercise. Let them climb up and down the Christmas tree for the rest of the month. Oh and don’t let them drink eggnog either. By January they should weigh less.

    3. I was thinking of buying this 19 acres in Georgia. It includes deer and bear and wild boar. Can you smoke a boar? I could send one to you, but first I have to send it out to Hillbilly woman to butcher for ya cuz I don’t like the smell of blood …. Ok, bad idea, nevermind and no, I don’t think they will give you anything free for mentioning them, but then again, you never know. They might give you a refrigerator magnet or something.

    5. I’ve done very little Christmas shopping and most of what I did was online and the Christmas cards are sitting on the table waiting to be filled out and addressed, but the rate I am going, I have plenty of time because it will be next year before I get them ready, but at least next year they will be early . Maybe I will just send them in July and be done with it.
    I mopped my kitchen floor this morning, so my life is much more exciting than your.

    4. Yes, I know 4 is supposed to come before 5, but I live on the wild side. Don’t stress over the WP friend thingee. At least now, you won’t feel pressured to go to my page to read my blog that I thought about writing because here is it, right here, yes, here , on you comment section, so there, you have me out of the way.

    I love you, good night (well save the good night for later)

    Me 🙂

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    1. wow! you live an exciting and dangerous life. I dunno how you do it. I’d be overwhelmed if it were me. and hillbilly woman? ugh! her ex-con husband would make me disappear in the Ozarks.

      and the cats don’t like climbing the tree. there’s nothing for Big Boy to eat so he leaves it alone. Miss just likes the skirt to lay on.

      and some redneck with a monster truck will sweep you away to be “New Ma’ to his 10 kids if you move to Georgia.

      and I thought you were moving to Idaho so you can hunt Bigfoot.

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      1. I’m so confused now. I forgot I was moving to Idaho and started looking for land in Georgia. Maybe I should just give it up and move in with you. I will sleep at the foot of the bed. You won’t even know I am there, I promise 😉

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  3. No 6. This Friday is Anna day in Sweden 🙂 that means (or used to mean) taste of christmas ale 😉 I did a post about Anna day over at my blog. “Pling” and some 🍺

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  4. We have about the same amount of snow here too. No – our furnace is not fixed yet. We’ve been lighting our gas fired furnace manually for the last two days to keep from freezing. The repair man is coming today. The fellow we chose came in at half the price of the other repair man.

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  5. Howdy do friend!!!
    Sounds like you busy …
    I will take the snow just ship it here lol..It is cold here or shall I say the last 2 was down to 20 here today and not getting much warmer at all…My saying is if it is going to be this cold then send in the damn snow…we get snow here sometimes or ice storms …I love it as long as I don’t have to drive in it and Yes I know how to drive in it after all I learned how to drive my dads 5 speed truck in Vermont so not a stranger to driving and living in it and in Missouri too lol…
    Oh those poor starving lil animals of yours lol why does it seem that like our dogs that they are starving all the time???…
    You are ahead of me on getting the Christmas cards out but I usually wait till I get all of them and then write them out on a day and mail them…no Christmas shopping needed ok maybe a few things the guys need ….heck we have the tree up but most of our very old ornaments just broke a few days ago with the high wind we had and even tho they were in containers we had the lids off due to scorpions n black widows the old ones took off in the box and broke so that sucks azz….but that is life they the tree is still not decorated ..maybe this weekend lol…
    OK sorry to ramble on…Just wanted to share with ya…
    Stay warm my friend

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      1. Well they were in rubbermaid containers one was on the outside lol..and so dad had the bright idea to take the lid off and keep it open for a few days on the front porch so …..poof goes years and years of kool ornaments …lol…here is to buying new…But…..we have had the tree up but still not decorated …to much health shitt going on and none of us are really in the mood maybe the day of lmao…

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      2. I hit send before I got to say….
        that the rubber storage things are stored in the barn lol…you know with the snakes and all sorts of things…lol…
        Hope today is treating you well my friend…
        Stay warm…

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