Hard Candy


My dentist hates me for doing this every year but I’ve had hard candy for Christmas for every year for as long as I can remember.  It’s something Momma always bought from Kresge’s or Woolworth’s or at the market.  Lots and lots of ribbons of multicolored and multiflavored candy.  I have this every year.  I had this sent to me when I was deployed overseas.  I’ll probably die with this stuff in my system.

What one thing do you do every year for the holidays?

Five for Friday


1. It’s Brrr! out there and that icky bad white stuff that certain people like is falling from the sky.  It’s a lovely and tropical -12C (11F) out there right now.  I know certain people that live in the land of eternal sun and warmth like seeing pics like these, so you will see more as the season progresses.  Me?  I’m already looking forward to Spring.  I have absolutely no use for this stuff after Dr. King’s birthday.

2. My Lily cat thinks right now that she’s dying from starvation and neglect.  Oh please!  Those two cats are too well fed in fact the vet says they could stand to lose some weight.  Miss Lily and Big Boy obviously think she has completely lost her mind.

3.  It’s time for a trip to Stillwater to visit the Kathe Wohlfarht store.  I need some more cones for my smokers and I haven’t bought a new smoker in a long time.  What’s a smoker?  Look here and you’ll know:  http://www.christmasfromgermany.com/  I wonder if they will think I just gave them a plug and they’ll give me something for free?

4. I’m so behind this morning with everything.  I just spent 3 hours working non-stop without a break and I’m just now getting to WP.  This work thingee is starting to interfere with my WP friends thingee.

5. No, I haven’t gotten all of my Christmas shopping done.  Yes, I sent out my Christmas cards.  Yes, Miss Lily is still messing up the tree skirt.  Isn’t my life dazzling and exciting for a south metro urbanite???

OK, I think that will close up this post for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a “Howdy Do” if you so desire.