Thursday Night


I bought a big boy camera for myself because I decided that I needed to spoil myself just because I could.  That and the year kinda sorta sucked and it definitely sucked in a bad way.  My oldest was curious about how her Dad was able to afford it and the answer she got back was “Don’t worry about it.  You have enough to worry about with two growing kids.  Dad was taking care of himself a long, long time ago.”  I know she didn’t like the response but sometimes I think the right answer is one that essentially tells you that maybe some things are best left for others to fret about.

It’s cold out there tonight.  I know it’s cold (and that icky bad white stuff is also coming down too) because some knucklehead forgot to check the bird bath when he got home for work.  Yeh, it was more than a tad bit low for water depth due to the wind and the cold, dry air.  I ran out for like all of 30 seconds or so but it sure felt like it was a lot longer.  The cold penetrated to the bone since I didn’t have a coat on.

So the day is almost over as I sit here and listen to the wind blow outside.  It even sounds cold as it rattles the house.  I think tomorrow will be a potato soup day to warm the cockles of my heart.

Brrrr! once again


Long coat weather has finally arrived here in central Minnesota.  I call it “long coat” weather because it gets so cold that I wear my long cashmere coat to keep my butt cheeks warm when I’m commuting to work.  I awoke to a rather tropical -8C this morning and it was a good thing the bird bath was plugged in lest some birds be frozen to it.  What does -8C translate to in Fahrenheit?  Does it really matter?  Any temp with a minus sign in front of it is doggone cold regardless of which scale you’re using.

Why did I move here when I could have been south?  Oh yeh … cuz I had family here and I wanted to be around family after being in the AF and away from them for years.  Yeh, I thought it was important to be around family.  What was I thinking?  My brain must have been frozen at the time.  Was it during the time that I was seeing the shrink about my “Box” experiences?  I must have been off my nut.

Meanwhile back at the ranch …

We have a big hole in the ground where a building used to be.  It’s kinda cool watching the guys go to town on cleaning up the last of it.  It also improved my view for now.  Too bad the best time of year is when the ladies in skirts are walking past it on their way to the train station.  There will be some building going up by that time and it will totally screw up that view.  Ugh!

Did I say it was “Brrr!” outside today?