Baby it’s cold outside.


Brrr!  It’s a rather tropical -10C (14F) out there right now.  Yeh, I’m sure it feels colder due to the wind chill but I don’t even wanna know what that is because I already feel cold enough and I don’t even wanna feel any colder.  The morning coffee is strong and hot and fresh if you would care for a cup.  I know I can steep a cup of tea if you would prefer that over the elixir of life.

I checked on a delivery from Amazon and UPS is saying it will be delivered sometime today.  Then again, the UPS tracker said the package was in Kansas at 3:48 AM this morning.  I would be amazed to see it move that fast so I see it today.  I thought the only thing that moved fast in Kansas was a tornado.  I could be mistaken.

The best part of today is knowing that I’m working from home and the fireplace is right down the hall from me.  I know its there because I have two cats sprawled out in front of it and Big Boy is trying to melt into the floor.  Well, I suppose it’s all good when it comes right down to it.

Time to get motivated to get some work done.


42 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside.

      1. It could be worse. It could be a lot colder out side. The repair man came around 5:30 pm. He was suppose to be here around noon. It’s the igniter and of course he has to order it. He lit the furnace and we cranked the heat up to 80’F. When it goes up to 80′ F. It will go out and will stay out until the new part is replaced sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Looks beautiful – as long as you don’t have to go out in it.
    I ordered something from Amazon last week, and it arrived the evening of the same day! How do they do that?
    Stay warm!!!

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      1. Ha – actually when they notified me the item would be delivered the same day, I was hoping it would at least come by drone. How cool would that be. Of course – aliens delivering would be “bad a**” as my teen says.

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      2. they want you to think it’s one of our drones when it really isn’t. again it’s the alien memory wipe. they use one of those Men in Black memory neuralyzers and then plant a new memory instead. yeh, it’s bad ass.

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