Baby it’s cold outside.


Brrr!  It’s a rather tropical -10C (14F) out there right now.  Yeh, I’m sure it feels colder due to the wind chill but I don’t even wanna know what that is because I already feel cold enough and I don’t even wanna feel any colder.  The morning coffee is strong and hot and fresh if you would care for a cup.  I know I can steep a cup of tea if you would prefer that over the elixir of life.

I checked on a delivery from Amazon and UPS is saying it will be delivered sometime today.  Then again, the UPS tracker said the package was in Kansas at 3:48 AM this morning.  I would be amazed to see it move that fast so I see it today.  I thought the only thing that moved fast in Kansas was a tornado.  I could be mistaken.

The best part of today is knowing that I’m working from home and the fireplace is right down the hall from me.  I know its there because I have two cats sprawled out in front of it and Big Boy is trying to melt into the floor.  Well, I suppose it’s all good when it comes right down to it.

Time to get motivated to get some work done.