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The wind sounds like it is blowing up a hoolie out there.  It’s cold and the temps are falling.  You try to wrap up and cover up as best as you can but the cold wind gets in some how.  S0 you pull everything just a a little snugger (if that’s a word) to try to stay warm.  It’s that time of year once again around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Everything outside seems to be rattling in the wind.  Every now and then you can see a flurry of that icky bad white stuff floating around in the air.  The trees are swaying back and forth.  It makes it feel even colder.  This will be a night to snuggle in under warm blankets and be appreciative that I work form home tomorrow.

Tuesday Morning


I have no idea what it is about construction and/or demolition that brings out the curiosity in men and young boys.  Maybe it’s the thrill of knocking stuff over like we used to do with our Tinker Toys and our Lincoln Logs.  Let’s re-read that.  Yeh, I just seriously dated myself.  Oh well.  It’s still kinda cool looking out the window and watching these guys knock that building down.