Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


The snowman that the gummys and I made yesterday fell down.  There were a lotta frowny faces when they saw that.  I reminded them that there was plenty of that “S” stuff to come and we would make another once that “S” stuff fell from the sky once again.  Then I reminded them that this was the year that we made a snow fort so they can throw snowballs at me.  That placated them I think.  It did look awfully pathetic laying there on the ground tho.

I had the weirdest dream last night that I was deployed once again to “The Box”.  I was wearing my tri-colors and everything too.  What was weird was I was wearing a “Go-to-hell” hat.  I never wore those things.  Weird.

Mmmmmm!  Coffee.  I have cream and sugar in mine unlike some young lady in Georgia.  Coffee with just creamer and no sugar?  Ick.

I saw the Blue Jay once again yesterday.  He likes my sunflower seeds but he doesn’t stay for very long.  I did some research and found out what they like to feed on and hopefully I can accommodate with a new feeder.  The heated bird bath will hopefully keep him close too.  The crick will be freezing up here fairly soon and my bird bath may be the only close open water for him.

I am so unmotivated to get any work done this morning.


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      1. Happens often. When I read a post I know what I’m gonna say. Then I read all comments before I leave my comments to see that no one else already have said what I’m gonna say. But at the end of all comments I have forgot what I was going to say. “Pling”

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