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It’s kinda sorta noisy out there.  I’d love to be able to grab a half a truck bed of those bricks that they’re knocking down.  I have lots of uses for them in my yard.  I don’t think they would have the patience nor give me the time that I would need to be able to sort thru and select about 500 bricks.  They want this gone and they act like they wanted it gone yesterday.  Time is definitely money for construction in this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.


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  1. I actually got a small demolition crew to promise me that if I got all the bricks they had tossed in the alley from an old building demolition, all out of the area by 6am the next morning….i could have them. AND BOY DID I WANT THEM….BUT BY THE TIME, I BORROWED A TRUCK AND SHOWED UP 5 AM THE NEXT MORNING…someone had beat me to ’em……sigh


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  2. On the bright side, that building looks like one of those 1960’s urban renewal communist style buildings so maybe they will put up something nicer. Then again, maybe it will be an ugly building too. I think they should just plant trees and flowers and put in a fountain.

    Sorry you couldn’t get any of the bricks….

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