Art Sunday #99: Georgia O’Keeffe -Blue and Green Music


Blue and Green Music is a 1919 – 1921 painting by the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

Painted in her New York years upon the idea that music could be translated into something for the eye, Blue and Green Music is a work of rhythm, movement, color, depth, and form. It is also one of the paintings that was expressed by her feelings.

The painting uses colors that are both subtle and bold in order to capture the variance of tones that one would find in music. O’Keeffe described music as being able to be “translated into something for the eye.”  The painting is part of the Alfred Stieglitz collection, a gift by the artist to the museum in memory of her husband



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      1. It’s a Swedish classic song. But in Canada they play it as a jazz standard and then it is called Stockholm…something. The Swedish lyrics is about one of our county’s Värmland and how great it is to be and live there. Green forrest, clear water and so on.

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