Today is a bread making day


It’s been a while since I baked some bread and it’s one of my typical Saturday chores.  I didn’t get it done last weekend and I ended up eating store bought bread.  It’s good stuff but it’s not the same; so I’m working on that tasker now.

It’s cold out there this morning.  I checked my weather app and it let me know that it was a rather tropical -2C (28F).  Ugh!  Plus we have the joy in finding out that the polar vortex is supposed to hit us next week.  Double ugh!  The temps are supposed to be dipping down to polar bear temps and I will more than likely be a human popsickle walking around in a wool coat.  That’s never good.

Oh well.  Back to my baking.  At least the house will be warm and smelling good when the bread goes into the oven to bake.


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