Fünf für Freitag


1. I saw the bunnies out and about last night as they hunkered down by my raised garden beds.  There’s none of that white stuff on the ground so they can be nibbling on the grass for some feed (which they were).  I’m gonna have to get my tail in gear this weekend and get their winter feed bowls out for them.  A friend says winter returns to central Minnesota next week.  You could have fooled me.  It’s damn cold out there right now as far as I’m concerned.

2. I’ve never figured out why Minnesota gets this grey cloud system that settles over it for days upon days during this time of year.  Oh lucky us.  The batteries in the solar powered lights that I have outside died for a lack of sunlight.

3. How can this year be almost over?  Where did the time go?

4. It’s one of those kinda days where I have the fireplace on instead of the furnace.  It would be nice if I had a wood burning fireplace but I’m OK with not having to clean a gas one.  Less mess, fuss and maintenance.  Heat is heat for me right now but I kinda sorta prefer the flames versus forced warm air.

5. God, I am so sick of my eyes bothering me.  Yes, I’ve been following the regimen that the doctor prescribed.  I still wish it was all over and done with.

Okey dokey pokey.  That’s it for this week.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions or some naughty thoughts if you so choose.