Thursday Night and the Blue House


Miss Anna likes to see Christmas lights so I took a pic of my neighbor’s house.  His wife loves blue lights for this time of year and she makes sure that their house displays the right outdoor decoration.  Personally, I think it looks pretty good but I wonder if I would be bored with a single colour every year.  OK, that was a dumb thought because I would be bored.  I have to spice it up with multi colours for my place.  To each their own I guess.

I still don’t understand how I can be following someone on WP and then I’m suddenly not following them any longer.  I’m not clicking on anything to tell WP to drop them but a few have been dropped none the less. It makes me feel bad because I think it gives the impression that I’m just dumping someone and that’s definitely not the impression that I want people to have.  I dunno.  Maybe some day I’ll understand this system better than I do now.