Tuesday Morning


I passed by what used to be our building parking lot when I came in this morning.  I was disappointed but not surprised to see what they’ve torn apart lately.  All of the beautiful young maple trees have been torn out, dug up, cut apart and hauled away.  In their place is a large pile of dirt and bits of concrete and asphalt for what used to be a parking lot.  I think they call it “progress”.  What a shame.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. We certainly understand. Many times we have revisited places we loved because of the scenery,nature,quaintness,charm,vintage. To find they have ripped it all up, just to start over. We do not believe that change is always good. 🙂 Jen

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    1. I see that all the time here in what used to be farm land and it’s being converted for home construction. the developer will always rip out the grove near what used to be the farm home. I’ve seen 100 year old oak trees and old elm trees just get knocked down by front end loaders. it would seem to me that building a home near that old grove would be a place to build.

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