Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning


I just pretend that I kinda sorta know what I’m doing with this blog and I’m having fun while I’m doing it.  I did a little math and noted that I average 23 follows a month since I started my WP.  Woo hoo!  I’m on a roll!  Seriously, I appreciate everyone who tagged on to follow me.  I need to do a better job of following your WP howver.  It’s something for me to work on.

It’s blustery out there today.  The window knocked over my Santa Claus and left him doing a face plant on the sidewalk.  There was no damage tho.  I need to make a run to my store of dreams and pick up a brick to help hold him down.

Speaking of running errands, I need to make a market run.  I can’t believe that I forgot yogurt and grapes for the fridge.  I may as well pick up something for supper while I’m at it.  Maybe some fish.

I decided that my New Year’s resolution is to reduce my solid waste by 50% and increase my recycling by 100%.  There’s a problem tho; they only pick up recyclables once every other week.  I need to figure out the logistics if I’m going to make this somehow happen.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m getting a good laugh out the fuss being made with the Wisconsin recount.  Yeh, I’m a tad bit warped.

I think that’s it for now and I best get to acting like I’m actually doing some work instead of writing a post.  Feel free to comment or to simply leave a “Howdy do!” if you want.


50 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning

  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    I best not say anything here because you hit on as sore spot with me.

    But I will say I do enjoy your blog , always have, for all the 35 years we have blogged together, or maybe it was 9 years, or something. I can’t remember. I am old .

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      1. A Perfectmindstorm

        You just made me laugh out loud, first laugh of the day. Well I have a bad back and I can’t half see anymore and I only drive in the daytime now and I find myself wandering through thrift shops these days trying to pinch pennies so I don’t have to eat that dog food made in Texas hahaha. Hmmm, I could be eating you then……. hehehe, (behave C !)


      2. A Perfectmindstorm

        No no no, there is too much upkeep to those plantations. I will take a little cabin out in the middle of nowhere Idaho where I can sit on my old front porch singing “home on the range” 🙂

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      3. A Perfectmindstorm

        No, I will live down in between the mountains in the plains so I can watch the tumbleweeds blowing by and spend the day petting my old hound dog Beauregard

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  2. My average is 27 a month if I count all years. If I do the same math for this year it’s about 100 per month if I interact with the community well enough. I like your blog so keep up the good work with your blog 🙂 “pling”

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