Saturday Morning


Everything has been painted white this morning if it’s outside.  I opened the door to take this shot and the first thing I did was let out a rather loud “Brrrr!”  Yeh, it’s cold out there and it goes right to your joints and bones.  I quickly shut the door.  I’m not looking forward to going outside later this morning to finish up my chores.  I’ll have to dress warm and dig out my fleece gloves.

I’m wondering if the ponds up the road have frozen over yet or if there is still some open water on them.  I looked at our 10 day weather forecast and it left me kinda sorta disappointed.  There are lotsa grey skies in store for us over the next week or so.  There’s some rain forecasted too.  Rain isn’t good in this weather or time of year.  It will freeze and the roads will be one helluva mess.

In the mean while I’m sitting back sipping on a cup of coffee watching the world go by.  I’ll have to make a run to the feed store for a bale of stray for my strawberries.  I need to refill my feeders.  The bird bath needs refill as well.  There’s plenty of things to do around here this morning.



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  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    I’m jealous, I never get to take cool pictures like that down here in the land of eternal summer. I should move to the frozen tundra for the photo ops there 😉

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