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    1. Grandma used to refer to us boys as a “bunch of wild Indians’. Momma said we were acting like a bunch of hooligans. the nuns just rolled their eyes.


      1. portapatetcormagis

        Meanwhile I’ve checked on this. You Americans do have quaint ideas ^^
        Send the poor man down the chimney – which house has a chimney nowadays anyway – and then offer him a glass of milk and one (!) cookie. In every house?! Poor Santa must feel gloriously sick by the end of the night 😀

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      2. portapatetcormagis

        I think so, too. Soon we’ll see the other parties’ candidates.
        During the last years there was a party from the right (AfD Alternative für Deutschland). They got quite a lot of the votes in local elections. I’m afraid that is where the trouble will come from. They shout out loud without suggesting any solutions.

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      3. we have lots of shouting here as well. evryone in the far left shouts. everyone in the far right shouts. it’s all a lot of noise if you ask me. it makes me wonder where all of the moderates have gone.

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