Saturday Afternoon


I’m thinking that I may brave going out into the weather after a while.  The temps are dropping as the sun starts to think about going down in the west.  I do like how the colours come out sometimes on a Fall afternoon.  I do like how the sunlight sometimes bathes the landscape in some yellow light.  It doesn’t make the outside any warmer but at does make it look like it does.


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14 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon”

  1. At least when we start getting into the really cold, dark days and nights we know that Spring is next on the list. I love Spring the best because we have summer wedged in between us and the inevitable dark days to follow.

    Summer is great, but once we are right into it, I cannot shake the feeling that the days of light nights and hot days are numbered. But this time of year, I almost revel in the cold weather because it is the prelude to Spring. Yes, I know, quite a long one but still a prelude! Another wellie day today – the rain is still lashing at the windows this morning.

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    1. Spring is such a long way out for us right now. it won’t be until mid to late March before it starts to warm up once again. it may not be until April before it warms. you can’t really tell sometimes.

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  2. Many, many leaves remain on trees around here because our Fall has kind of sucked due to warm temps and drought. Our rain last night helped knock off some of the leaves and provided us with some moisture in the ground.

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