A quick thought

I would like to know for the record just who decided Wednesdays were “Hump Day”.  It must have been some Madison Avenue marketing scheme to sell Viagra.


22 thoughts on “A quick thought

  1. I doubt that, it indicates halfway through the week, “you’re over the hump” but your idea is much more satisfying, although you have a dirty mind.

    Hump Day was a great day in college (and no I didn’t finish) cuz it was cause for celebration with beers at the pub. ~~dru~~

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    1. I don’t have a dirty mind. I have naughty ideas. there’s a big difference.

      hehehehehehehehe. goddess dru was a pub crawl girl. very exotic.


      1. well if it sells, then one must obviously has to buy or pay or put out or some damn thing. Yanno, put out sounds pretty damn good now that I think about it.

        oh well. back to the gutter with my mind.

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