Day: November 11, 2016


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It got doggone cool out there after the sun went down.  The fire was warm against a 4C night.  I can’t believe how clear the night air is tonight.


Friday Night

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Man, that cheese burger ate good and the onion rings were pretty doggone good as well.  I’d eat more often like that if it wouldn’t kill me.  I used to eat like that but then again I was a lot younger too.  Ahhhh, the sins of my youth.  Too bad some have come back to haunt me.

I called retreat early today in lieu of 5:00 PM.  It’s getting darker sooner and the air gets much cooler as the sun fades in the west.  The geese are still around but they have no reason to leave right now.  The lakes and ponds are still open, there’s no snow on the ground and there’s plenty of grain that they can feed on in the fields that have been harvested.

I’m tempted to go build a fire and watch the stars come out in the night sky.  I am tempted to sit there in the warmth of the fire and watch the planes fly overhead as they head into MSP.  I think it would be a great way to put this week behind me.

Stand Back Up — West Coaster On The East Coast

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For the past few days I’ve been grieving. Trying to make sense of what has happened in this country, what’s happening now, trying to make sense of all of the hate. The political system in this country is broken and doesn’t make any sense to me at all. The media in this country is what […]

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Stand tall and proud Marine.  There are a lot of vets like me who stand with you.  Semper Fi and Happy Veterans Day to you.

“Aim High” from an AF vet.

Five for Friday

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1. Happy Veterans Day Grandpa!  We will have a lot of catching up to do one day.  I’m sure Uncle Fred will have some jokes too.

2. I have a hankering for a big ol’ cheeseburger for supper tonight.  That and some onion rings and big glass of ice tea to wash it all down.  I know it’s not healthy eating but I can use it after this week.

3. I found an excellent chicken pot pie recipe that I’m gonna try this weekend.  Now I just have to see if I can actually make a pie dough.  It sure gonna be an interesting experience for me.

4. Number 3 means a market trip for me.  Maybe I got lucky on one of my lottery tickets.  I hit on one of them Tuesday when I checked them.  I won a whole $4.00!  I told the cashier I wanted my winnings in really BIG bills.  Yeh, I got a “Yanno, you’re damn crazy!“look from her.

5. Here’s another view of our weather for today for Miss Anna.  It’s a beautiful 8C (46F) out there right now.  The birds are enjoying the feeders and Mr. Squirrel is gone … for now.  I wondering where my cardinals went and where the Blue Jays are.  They will be a nice sight come winter.


A thought a for Veterans Day

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