Day: November 10, 2016

A post for Miss Anna

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It’s a beautiful 16C (60F) as the sun sets here on “The Frozen Tundra” as Miss C likes to refer to it as.  It’s not going to last and I know it’s going getting bitterly cold here soon enough.  But I’m still enjoying it if this is the Global Warming that Al Gore warned us about.


Something from the Washington Post that I read today

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I’ve had a hard time over the past few days trying to deal with what’s been going on with our national politics.  The one thing that I do know for certain is that I’ve been pretty poor at articulating my own words so they truly express what I am thinking.  But I read something today that made a lot of sense to me and I’m including the hyperlink.

I’m certain about one thing:  Too much political control by one party or another is not a good thing for this country.

What do I care if Jesus is here wanting a better life for his family?  My ancestors immigrated here for that reason.  And what do I care if Bob wants to marry Jeff?  C’mon let’s face it, this isn’t the “The Brady Bunch” era that a number of us grew up in back in the early 70’s.  But in the same token, don’t be mocking someone because they choose to practice a religion but don’t be flaunting that religion or telling me I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in what you believe in.  Yanno, I’ve been wondering quite a while what the Christ would say to that Westboro group if he were to come back to this earth today.  I suspect it would be something along the lines of “Oh my Daddy is so pissed at you.

It really is OK to have differing political positions and differing opinions.  Being a “liberal” or a “conservative” does not mean you carry the mark of the devil on you.  They are not dirty words but I feel we’ve either gone too far to the left or too far to the right and there is no middle ground any more.  And where are the moderates from both sides of the aisle by the way?  Maybe they’re there but are too afraid to speak up.  I don’t know but I do refuse to believe that they are gone or no longer exist.

I made a promise to never post a political post on this site but I’m breaking that promise today.  Regroup liberals so you can live to fight another day.  You, me, we cannot surrender this country to one side or another.  We owe that to our children and to our grandchildren.

A thought for Thursday

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