Thoughts after the Election


I can’t say that I’ve happy with the election results but then again I was not a fan or supporter of either of those two to begin with.  I voted for Dr. Jill and the Green Party because of their platform.  I knew going in that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that she would be a contender but I cast that ballot anyway.  I actually had someone tell me that I wasted my vote.  Don’t tell me that.  It’s my vote and I can cast it anyway I so choose.  No one has any right to tell me how to vote.  But it is what it is at this point.

I went to bed last night with the thought of “They’re actually going to elect that SOB.”  At the risk of raising the ire of a number of people, we’re all to blame for this mess and we’re all just going to have to deal with it one way or another.  The disappointment will wear off but I really do hope that the Democratic Party takes a real hard look at why they actually lost this election.  I really do think that they can field a woman as their nominee but I think they need to choose wisely and this guy from NYC won’t stand a chance at reelection if they do so.

Enough on politics.  The sun will rise tomorrow just like it is this morning.


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16 thoughts on “Thoughts after the Election”

  1. You are right,no one have the right to question your choice of candidate. The important thing is to vote. The right to vote is a key to democracy. So even if it seems worthless to vote it isn’t.
    In the northern parts of Sweden the sun actually don’t rise this time of year. But they wake up anyway, but the saying The sun will rise doesn’t work there. “Pling”

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  2. Jim, May I gently suggest that none of the candidates was perfect, (certainly not Dr. Stein)?

    That said, for those of us who truly know Secretary Clinton, especially we who are from New York, she was an excellent candidate. In my opinion, even though like any mortal she made some mistakes along the way, 30 years of other aggressive factors caused this outcome. She appears to have won the popular vote – could tens of millions of intelligent Americans who supported her have been utterly wrong?

    Each of us has to face our own conscience about the choice we made and the result, along with its future ramifications.

    All we can do now, is regroup and keep our faith in the good in this world.

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      1. I think that there are a lot of us this morning wondering WTH just happened to us last night. my oldest is a big Hillary supporter and she knew I was going third party. she wanted to know my reaction to last night but I don’t think it’s fit to be printed here. I’m very anxious and concerned about our future.

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      2. I have this overwhelming sense that I did a very poor job of articulating my thoughts; so I hope I didn’t offend. I apologize to you if I did.


  3. Jim, I liked your last line. Yes, the sun will rise. The US election has attracted a lot of interest here IN Australia and we’ve been following it with perhaps even greater interest than our own election. We have compulsory voting here and I think many Australians wished we couldn’t have voted in the election and given the global influence this election has, I feel we all should have a say.
    I wish your person had got in.
    I hope things settle down now that the election is over.
    Best wishes,

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