Random Thoughts for Sunday Morning


This is a bread baking day and the house smells like fresh bread as the dough slowly bakes.  It will be good with supper tonight.

It’s another beautiful Indian summer day here in central Minnesota.  It’s a wonderful 17C (63F) out there right now.  The girls and I will head outdoors after lunch some they can get plenty of fresh air.  That will knock them out on the way home.  I have my ways.  The down side of all of this is I know it won’t last long.  Sooner or later Mother Nature and the changing season will catch up with us.

What a crazy weekend for college football.  I never saw the Ohio State – Nebraska score coming up like it did.  I thought it would be a lot closer than that.

The gummys helped me fill the bird feeders earlier.  Let’s hope we’re not feeding the squirrel instead even tho I suspect we are.



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