Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning


I think Google just explained to me where my socks disappeared to.  I chalk it all up and file it under the “One of those good things to know” category.

I’m so very glad to hear that Norway and Sweden are getting that white stuff.  In as much as I really can truly appreciate that you are extremely hospitable and giving selves, I would just prefer that you keep it and just think of it as an early Christmas present from me to you.  No really, keep it.

I had completely forgotten why I quit being a network administrator.  I was reminded when a couple people asked me this morning how to do something.  I had to retort with a “Well yanno technology keeps moving ahead and I’m really behind now since I was assimilated into the Mac collective.  Google it.  Google is your friend.”  They actually fell for that line.

I feel kinda sorta left out in the cold since there are so many of you on WP who are writers and chefs and artists and photographers and other assorted talented type people.  Then I look at myself and I realize that apparently I’m only here to antagonize Ninja Jason.  That and to encourage him to continue to blame Gary.

OK, staff meeting time.  OMG!  How could the Federal government survive without their staff meetings.  Thank the Gods for the mute button.

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13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

  1. You’re as good as the rest you know? Not appreciating you insulting yourself!!!! If only you knew how terrific you are! Believe me you!

    BTW! You didn’t go to a staff meeting after all, eh?!!

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