5 for Friday


1. I decided to take a wellness day for me.  I’m all out of sorts from the cold anywho so what’s sick day from work?  Besides, I have tons of sick time on the books so it won’t be like I’m losing anything.

2. I have one fat squirrel coming to feed at the expense of my birds.  The gummys call it “Squirrely”.  I call it “target or opportunity” if it doesn’t start leaving the feeders alone.

3. There are a couple outdoor chores to get done tomorrow and that’s it for this season.  That reads kinda weird when I read it back.  It seems so … concluded.  Oh well.  It’s time to start pinching off and deadheading the marigolds so I can put them away for next year.

4. The local weather people are saying we’re averaging about 15*F warmer above normal temperatures for this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I’ll take it if this is the global warming that Al Gore warned us about.  I still miss my southern Iowa autumns.

5. One good thing about taking a day off in the work week is getting a chance to see all these old B&W movies on channels like Turner Classic Movies.  You do know that John Wayne won World War 2 all by himself don’t you?

My brain isn’t working so good today so I’m off to the market.  Feel free to leave comments or even just say “Aloha!”


Thursday Morning


I just knew it wouldn’t be too long before I got my first sore throat of the season.  Sure enough it happened and I was once again kinda sorta unprepared.  At least the hot coffee feels good on my throat.  I gotta get over this bad boy fairly quick if I’m gonna go out tricking with the gummy’s on Monday evening.  I’m sure the pharmacist will have something.  If not, there’s always vodka.  It may not kill the cold germs but who cares once you have enough of it in you.  I know, I know.  My Momma raised a sinner.

Oh yeh.  I forgot today is an actual work day.  Maybe I should actually get some things accomplished this morning.  Feel free to leave a comment or even a quick “Howdy Do” if’n ya want.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


That rain is cold.  The kind of cold that makes your whole spine stiffen if a drop hits the back of your neck and travels downward making your butt pucker.  Yeh, it takes a while for that drop of water to warm up and it’s damn cold until then.  One good thing about the rain is how it makes the pavement shine and glitter.  I love the effect light has on the water in the streets.

I’m so unmotivated to do any work today.  Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

I was thinking this morning that it’s haircut time once again.  Yea!!!  You have a boring life when you look forward to a haircut.

I have a new warsher and a new dryer.  Then I look at what I spent on them.  Then I wonder where I could have traveled to with that kinda stroke.  I could have flown to India and back.  I could have flown to Australia to see some really big spiders.  OK, scratch the spider thought and replace it with some warm beaches with ladies wearing them skimpy bikinis.  Yeh, I woulda liked that.  It sounds warmer than central Minnesota right now.  Warm is definitely good.

I wonder when it will rain again and just how long it will be before I see and feel the rain and hear some thunder.  Spring sounds so terribly far away right now.

Okey dokey pokey.  Time for some work production.  Feel free to comment and/or leave some naughty thoughts since it is “Hump Day” after all.

Tuesday Afternoon


It’s trying to rain here this late afternoon.  It’s a “cold and chills you to the bone” rain.  It reminds me that I’m still on my quest for that perfect potato soup recipe.  It’s comfort food for me.  It’s something Momma would make starting this time of year and lasting thru the winter.  It warmed the cockles of your heart when the cold chilled you to the bone.  Yeh, some day I’ll find the one.

Oh yeh!


I remembered why I switched up from a PC to a Mac.  It’s called “Endless Updates!”  Ugh!  That and the hated Java which comes with that Ask toolbar which by the way is not on my Mac nor will it ever be on my Mac.  OMG!  That Microsoft OS is a killer.  I like to die when I saw the number of updates that Bill Gates said were missing on that lil’ gizmo.  No wonder he has so much money.  A lot of us (me included) were paying for OS upgrades hoping for a better system.

So, now that the updates have brought me back to reality, is it time to just say “That was interesting.” and pack it all away and forget about it?

I thought I needed something different.


My iPhone now has Siri with an Aussie accent.  I wonder if she says “G’day mate!”  I probably can’t be that lucky.  I think next week I’ll let her have a British accent.  Then I was wondering if Siri had a southern accent but I kinda thought she’d say “Yanno, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks.  Bless your heart.” whenever I asked her a question.