5 for Friday


1. I decided to take a wellness day for me.  I’m all out of sorts from the cold anywho so what’s sick day from work?  Besides, I have tons of sick time on the books so it won’t be like I’m losing anything.

2. I have one fat squirrel coming to feed at the expense of my birds.  The gummys call it “Squirrely”.  I call it “target or opportunity” if it doesn’t start leaving the feeders alone.

3. There are a couple outdoor chores to get done tomorrow and that’s it for this season.  That reads kinda weird when I read it back.  It seems so … concluded.  Oh well.  It’s time to start pinching off and deadheading the marigolds so I can put them away for next year.

4. The local weather people are saying we’re averaging about 15*F warmer above normal temperatures for this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I’ll take it if this is the global warming that Al Gore warned us about.  I still miss my southern Iowa autumns.

5. One good thing about taking a day off in the work week is getting a chance to see all these old B&W movies on channels like Turner Classic Movies.  You do know that John Wayne won World War 2 all by himself don’t you?

My brain isn’t working so good today so I’m off to the market.  Feel free to leave comments or even just say “Aloha!”