Random Thoughts for Hump Day


That rain is cold.  The kind of cold that makes your whole spine stiffen if a drop hits the back of your neck and travels downward making your butt pucker.  Yeh, it takes a while for that drop of water to warm up and it’s damn cold until then.  One good thing about the rain is how it makes the pavement shine and glitter.  I love the effect light has on the water in the streets.

I’m so unmotivated to do any work today.  Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

I was thinking this morning that it’s haircut time once again.  Yea!!!  You have a boring life when you look forward to a haircut.

I have a new warsher and a new dryer.  Then I look at what I spent on them.  Then I wonder where I could have traveled to with that kinda stroke.  I could have flown to India and back.  I could have flown to Australia to see some really big spiders.  OK, scratch the spider thought and replace it with some warm beaches with ladies wearing them skimpy bikinis.  Yeh, I woulda liked that.  It sounds warmer than central Minnesota right now.  Warm is definitely good.

I wonder when it will rain again and just how long it will be before I see and feel the rain and hear some thunder.  Spring sounds so terribly far away right now.

Okey dokey pokey.  Time for some work production.  Feel free to comment and/or leave some naughty thoughts since it is “Hump Day” after all.