Tuesday Afternoon


It’s trying to rain here this late afternoon.  It’s a “cold and chills you to the bone” rain.  It reminds me that I’m still on my quest for that perfect potato soup recipe.  It’s comfort food for me.  It’s something Momma would make starting this time of year and lasting thru the winter.  It warmed the cockles of your heart when the cold chilled you to the bone.  Yeh, some day I’ll find the one.


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      1. It’s Vichyssoise and very easy to make.
        You cook up a pile of onions in olive oil in the fry pan then add the sliced leeks. Cook until tender. You add a bit of chicken stock and some cubed potatoes. When the potatoes are done you puree and adjust for salt and pepper. Put in a large jar and store in the fridge until you want to eat it. Take out a portion then add some 2% milk to increase the liquid. Heat and eat.

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      1. Oh, that recipe book disappeared along with a nurse nutcracker under mysterious circumstances. I was Momma’s executor and I asked where they disappeared to and no one knew nuttin.


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