Oh yeh!


I remembered why I switched up from a PC to a Mac.  It’s called “Endless Updates!”  Ugh!  That and the hated Java which comes with that Ask toolbar which by the way is not on my Mac nor will it ever be on my Mac.  OMG!  That Microsoft OS is a killer.  I like to die when I saw the number of updates that Bill Gates said were missing on that lil’ gizmo.  No wonder he has so much money.  A lot of us (me included) were paying for OS upgrades hoping for a better system.

So, now that the updates have brought me back to reality, is it time to just say “That was interesting.” and pack it all away and forget about it?

I thought I needed something different.


My iPhone now has Siri with an Aussie accent.  I wonder if she says “G’day mate!”  I probably can’t be that lucky.  I think next week I’ll let her have a British accent.  Then I was wondering if Siri had a southern accent but I kinda thought she’d say “Yanno, you’re as dumb as a box of rocks.  Bless your heart.” whenever I asked her a question.

Random Thoughts for a “Ho Hum” Monday


I dug out of a downstairs closet an old Sony Vaio Netbook that I bought back in late 2009.  Remember netbooks?  Maybe I’m one of the few that even remember when netbooks were introduced but I picked it up at “The Sams” for something to take with me on trips.  It worked OK but I eventually replaced it with my MacBook and I simply shelved this away and forgot about it.  I was amazed that the silly damn thing actually booted and took a charge.  I’m having fun just seeing if I can bring it up to date.  Don’t ask me what I’m gonna do with it after I done simply because I haven’t thought that far ahead.

I think I have one smart squirrel raiding my bird feeders.  I think it knows that I’m usually home on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays and it stays away from my feeders those days.  They’re fair game any other day of the week tho and “Yes” I think I’m feeding a squirrel versus the birds.  That’s gonna be one fat squirrel.

I’m already thinking ahead to our Thanksgiving day.  I have to buy that larger Nesco roaster if I’m gonna host again this year.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with my other Nesco since my oldest daughter has one and my youngest is a vegetarian.  I suppose it can’t hurt to store it for now.

That last comment made me wonder if a lot of parents felt the same way about keeping stuff as they got older.  I’m sure their kids were wondering just why the hell Mom & dad kept so much stuff when they eventually had to clean out their homes.

I keep looking at these office walls and wondering when I’m gonna get off my backside and paint them.  I’ve only put it off for like 2 years now.

I’m sure some other stuff will come up before dark.  Feel free to comment or even leave a “How ya do?” if you want.