Friday Night


The tree out front looks like November.  It’s kinda spooky in some ways because it looks like Halloween and I hate it at times.  I long for my green leaves and for my white blossoms that smell so nice and sweet.  I long for the warm breezes from the south and and the sight of the first robin of a new Spring.  I love the feel of a warming earth whenever I walk barefoot in the grass.  But now it’s Fall and everything is cooling off and going to sleep.  The ground is almost too cold to walk around in bare feet but I keep trying anywho.

Five for Friday

1. It’s a rather tropical 3C out there right now.  OK, I lied.  It’s a “Brrrr!” 37*F.  The water in my bird bath froze last night.  I was at least smart enough to cover my mum to keep that from being frozen.  We shall see later on what all was actually done to everything when it warms up some more.

2.  I need some more firewood for my fire pit.  That’s an errand after I get off work today.  I think tomorrow night is a good night for a fire in the pit, some smores for the gummys and a glass of ice cider (or two or three) for me.  I think I’ll stop by Bed, Bath & beyond after that to see if they have some wine glasses that I’ve been looking for.

3. One good thing about a cold ass Friday morning is at least it’s pay day for me today.

4. I can tell today that the last sign that “warm weather is finally gone” has arrived.  The gas company has a guy coming out this morning to check out my furnace for the upcoming winter.  *sigh*

5. The downstairs office was cold this morning when I started my day.  I have the fireplace in the family room going.  Big Boy is all sprawled out on the floor soaking in as much heat as he can.  Miss Lily is here pestering me for some attention.

OK, that’s it.  Feel free to comment or leave a “Howdy!” if you want.