Random Thoughts for Thursday


Can we just get this election over with?  Did anyone actually watch the debate last night?  I typically don’t watch them and then I do a scan thru the media the day after to read the reactions and concerns.  What a headache and did he say what it’s claimed that he said?  Ugh!  Just let me vote for Dr. Jill, all ya’ll vote for whomever you want and let’s watch the first female President take office so we can join the rest of the free world in having a female leader of a nation.  Next slide please …

Now that I have that out of my system, there is gonna be frost on the pumpkins in the morrow.  I love how that sounds; “in the morrow“.  I know it’s archaic but it sounds so poetic to my ears.  Wouldn’t our language sound so much better if we recaptured some of those words and expressions in our day to day talk?  Maybe it’s just me.

The gummys are coming to come spend the night since it’s Mom’s birthday tomorrow night and my SIL wants to take her out to dinner.  I think we’ll go for a walk and look for some leaves and maybe throw some rocks in the nearby creek.

I keep working on my iPad Mini.  It’s kinda slow to touch response.  It’s made me think back to the early 90’s when a group of us were so wrapped around the axle with tweeking our computers to see how we could get them to work better, faster and to stretch their potential boundaries.  It was a lot of fun to say “Hey, wanna see something really cool?”  Technology moves way too fast for me now but it is fun jumping back in to it every now and then.

Back to work for me.