It was one of those kinda days.


Access to our working space is strictly controlled and you need to either have a mag card or a mag fob for the door lock scanner or else it’s not gonna unlock and you don’t get in.  So I’m standing out in the hallway after going to the restroom and the door won’t unlock for me.  I keep trying.  Then I try some more.  Then I try even more and it’s still not unlocking.  I looked down and suddenly realized that I was trying to unlock the door with my car fob.  It works great for a Passat door but not so great for office doors.  Ugh!  My Momma raised a knucklehead.


6 thoughts on “It was one of those kinda days.

  1. That’s too funny, Jim. I think we’ve all done something similar. Not too long ago, I couldn’t get the drive-through ATM to accept my card, no matter how many times I tried. So I went into the bank branch, and the teller had me try my card at the machine next to her window. It still didn’t work, and I was getting quite frustrated. Imagine my embarrassment when the teller looked at the card and politely explained that I was trying to use my credit card instead of my ATM card. Duh.

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