Saturday Evening


We emptied out the sweet potato bed this afternoon.  Yes, I was a tab bit disappointed in the results.  No, I wasn’t exactly too disappointed since I’ve never done these before.  It’s a learning season for me and we did in fact get some produce from our efforts.  The results were just less than spectacular and to be honest I had looked for something slightly less than spectacular.  So we looked at the soil as we pulled what grew out of the grown, made some mental notes and then started working on the bed I’ll use for next year.  I think I have a solution and only next year will tell for sure.  I’m optimistic tho.

My ever faithful chickadees are visiting me this evening.  The girls pointed out a nest that was in one of my trees.   I had never noticed it before but one of the girls said she had seen it a couple times before.  It’s kinda neat finding these little secrets of nature as the leaves fall from the trees to expose them for us.

I think this is a good night for a fire in the pit and an apple ale to sip on.


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