Five for Friday

i-zxfjmvn-xl1. It’s gonna be a busy one here today.  A guy is coming to blow out my yard irrigation system.  A guy is coming to aerate the yard.  A guy is coming to fix a window (please God make this happen cuz I’ve been waiting since June for my window to be fixed). And finally there’s a delivery as well.  Oh, I forgot it’s market day as well.

2. It’s another lovely 6C morning.  I turned the fireplace on cuz it’s cold down here in my office.  Big Boy is all sprawled out in front of it and is slowly baking away.  I haven’t smelled any burnt hair or anything that remotely smells like Chinese food, so I guess he’s OK for now.  Yayayayayaya.  It’s my cat and I can torment him with thoughts like that if I wanna.

3. As usual, my yard guy didn’t tell his crew that he needed them to flag the sprinkler heads.  It’s a good thing I bought a bundle of flags otherwise God only knows when they would be back before the snow flies.

4. Mmmmmmmm.  A cup of hot coffee is like the elixir of the Gods this early in the morning.

5. It feels so awkward being in the States at this time of year.  I’m usually off on some travels but not this year.  I don’t regret the financial decision that I made last year; I regret the taxes that I had to pay because of it.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day and there is always next year.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment, leave some thoughts or even leave me some naughty suggestions if you would like.

13 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. How I wish we had to put the fireplace on. Yesterday we were joking about how 50F felt “cold”. This for a person who went to school in Ithaca, NY where cold meant below zero.

    Your Fridays sound like our Saturdays. Our next chore is trimming some out of control vines and bushes. Yech. We do it ourselves.

    Out of the country? You are being mysterious (or maybe I have some back-reading to do to catch up on why). In any case. Glad you are here!

    I raise my cup of java to you Jim. Happy Friday!!

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