It’s a rather tropical 3C out there this morning and I’m just as snug as a bug in a rug with these temps.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I’m trying to convince myself that I’m warmer than I actually am.  It’s not working.  Where are my 80*F days?  I want them back!  And then add to that  that some knucklehead maintenance man hasn’t shut off the HVAC because the overhead vent in my office is blowing cold air instead of warm air.

Hello!  It’s mid-October and this is central Minnesota ya knucklehead maintenance type people.  It’s kinda cool out there now.

People must think I’m a penguin or something.  I like to die from the cold.


29 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr!

      1. that’s why God created mattress heaters. you slip it on under the sheets, plug it in, set it to “HIGH” and there ya have it.

        see, this is why young women like you should be chasing old guys like me. we know stuff that young guys haven’t learned yet.


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      2. OMG! I cook,bake, clean, fix things, travel, like nice things, I take a bath and I always put on some good cologne. And I’m 50 something. I’d be like a God to you young girls.

        hehehehehehehehehe 😉

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      1. yeh, our 80* days are done for this year. roaring fires are great but a huge PITA to keep the fireplace clean. oh wait … you have kids at home. ha ha for them! put em to work!

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      2. Lol…I’m cheating a bit as this is a gas fireplace, but it is a BIG one. It’s more efficient at heating my first floor than my furnace. I just have to click a switch…Lol (I’m looking at putting a wood fp or pit outside though…nothing beats the real thing.)

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      3. that’s not cheating; that’s smart. I have a gas fireplace too. low maintenance and it’s furnace rated. there are times I just turn it on and leave my furnace off or I’ll turn the furnace fan on so it circulates the warm air so it will heat the house. and I love my fire pit. it’s been a lot of fun having it so far.

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