It’s Hump Day.


I like how the leaves smell when they are burned.  Of course this means you have to find some place that will let you burn them.  There are city ordinances everywhere nowadays that won’t let you do this.  I would be almost willing to bet that a neighbor would panic because of the smoke and then the next thing you know the fire department would show up at my house if I decided to burn leaves.  Let’s not forget the police showing up as well to support the guys in the red trucks (sorry ladies, all of our fire dogs here are dudes).  Then they would rub salt into the wound by giving me a ticket for burning leaves.  Burning leaves!  Only in Minnesota.  So I happily set my leaves free to blow the wind and into other people’s yards.



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15 thoughts on “It’s Hump Day.”

  1. Ah, I like ruffling through leaves when on a walk. I don’t dare to do it when people have made nice piles though. They don’t like it O.O
    You could make a nice pile too. Perhaps a hedgehog or two will move in for winter 😀

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      1. I bet both the bunnies and the trees appreciate the bowl – and the birds probably too 🙂
        Your garden seems to be a busy place during the cold months.

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      2. But the bunnies and the birds? Haha! I’ve got it! You need one of those lovely figurines of a donkey carrying two baskets and another one of a terribly cute cupido! I should be a garden designer. You’d love it 😛

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