Random Thoughts for Columbus Day or Whatever We’re Calling It Now.


Can we just be done with this election and the fiasco that it has become?  I just want to be able to cast my ballot for Dr. Jill and then watch the rest of the country hammer back and forth between “The Donald” and Hillary.  Which one is worse?  I haven’t decided tho I do get why the Liberals like Hillary.  I just wish someone would Super Glue “The Donald’s” lips together so he would quit talking.  He spews one idiotic thing after another.  It is most definitely not Eisenhower’s Republican Party any more.  Enough on politics.

Moving on …

Miss Rowena was intrigued by the idea of me having a heated bird bath for the upcoming months.  I did a little research and I found that you could ave some really nice feeders but the birds won’t come as often as you would like if they don’t have water.  So, we found something at our favorite farm store and it works really well.  Ill put a timer on it so it heats up right before dawn.  There’s no sense in keeping it heated overnight when the birds aren’t around.  Any who, here’s a pic for her to see what I’m talking about.


One more coat of paint and the front door trim and side window trim is done for this season.  I should be able to remove the blue tape before bed time and then it’s on to my last painting chore.

We had another light frost last night but what plants remain in my garden are still doing well.  I’ve been wondering how difficult it would be to take some PVC pipe and turn one bed into a quasi green house.  Then I’m wondering if it would start growing plants in the early Spring or if it would even prolong my gardening into November.  I wonder of I could build an herb garden that would do this.  It’s something to think about.