Sunday Evening


I have tomorrow off so I decided to indulge myself with a fire in the cool night air of a Minnesota October’s night.  It was sitting there thinking of all of the chores that I managed to get done today or at least get started.  Off in the south I heard a coyote howl.  I had to stop and ask myself if I heard what I thought I heard when it let out another.

I haven’t herd that since I left South Dakota to move to here and it reminded me of just how much I missed living out on the high plains west of the river.  I also had to remind myself that we at times like to romanticize the past and maybe it wasn’t as good as we like to think it was.  But I do miss the wide open spaces and the feeling of not being in a rush.  I liked how I could sit out at night by a fire at our deer camp and count the stars at night.  The light pollution wasn’t as bad as here and it seemed as if you could reach out and pluck a star from the sky.

Maybe I’ll move back there when I retire.  I’d love to once again see the wind blow thru the tall buffalo grass with a setting sun in the background.


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  1. I love that picture first of all. And I understand why you would love and miss the high plains. I got a good feeling reading this short post. 🙂

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