5 for Friday

It’s that time of week once again.  Let’s see …

1. It’s wet and cold out there this morning.  We have everything for an atypical central Minnesota Fall morning except for the frost.  “Yes” I’ve already seen my breath in the morning air as I waited for my morning train.  That happened earlier this week.

2. My garden is starting to give up the last of its produce for this year.  I picked several nice green peppers yesterday, cleaned them and put them away for this coming winter.  I’m still waiting for a frost so I can see what if anything that I get for sweet potatoes this year. I still need a storage container for them anywho.

3. Is it me or has traffic been kinda slow on WP?  Maybe it’s just me.

4. Petey goes in for some maintenance this weekend.  Time for her to get a lube and oil.  There’s also a dry sound coming out of the rear whenever I brake.  I’ll make sure that they check out her brakes.  She’s been a wonderful ride for the past 9+ years.  We make sure she gets nothing but the best care.

5. I saw a nice size bunny on my berm yesterday.  It reminded me to check to make sure I have bunny feed for this coming winter.  We will be setting out feed bowls once again so they have something to eat instead of chewing on the bark of my crab apple trees.  I’ll catch glimpses of them every now and then.  It’s usually in the evening when it’s dark when they come down the path that they create from the pines to the rock under the deck.

OK.  That’s it for this week.  Feel free to comment, leave a naughty limerick, or just wave “Hey!”.  Here’s a pic that I took 2 years ago for those that live their autumns vicariously thru photos.



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  1. Love that tree color. And yes, WP has been diminishing lately. There are a lot of folks who are stressed, feeling the change of seasons, depressed, overwhelmed. I trust that traffic will pick up again. 💘

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