Thursday Evening


Ooooooh it feels like Fall out there tonight and the temps are falling as the day gets darker.  The grass was cold and wet on my bare feet when I walked around out there.  I can hear Momma yelling “Put some shoes on!  What’s the matter with you?  Trying to get sick?“Yeh, I think a lot of mothers are like that.

OK, so we had enough common sense to come in from outdoors and actually close most of the doors and windows.  “Most” I said.  You don’t think I closed them all did you?  No way!  One of the best things about Fall is feeling the cool evening air as it flows in from outdoors.  Yeh, it will be a good night for sleeping.

Thursday Morning


Hey!  It’s a pretty cool 8C out there right now.  That translates to about 46F for the rest of us that are currently not using the metric system.  I never quite figured that one out.  I mean they made us learn the metric system starting in 7th grade but it just never did take here.  It must have been the expense involved with converting all the signs and such.  That’s they only excuse that I can come up with.

And I took a look at tomorrow’s weather forecast for us.  100% chance of rain, huh?  I guess someone is pretty certain that it’s gonna rain here.  That’s gonna make for a pretty wet and cold game day at “The Bank”.  It’s good thing I have this big ol’ TV and fireplace to stay warm while I watch the game.  I keep thinking of what’s yet to come and all I can come up with is “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

I’ll blame Jason for the change in the weather.