Hump Day Evening

I had to make a run to my store of dreams but I took my camera along just in case something appealed to me.  The lighting was less than optimal but we made do.  I know of at least one person that lives Fall vicariously thru some pics that I post.  It’s one plus up for living up on “The Frozen Tundra” as central Minnesota is sometimes referred to.

Maybe I can get some better shots this weekend if the weather, the trees and the lighting cooperates.

Hump Day Morning


Well, I can say that it’s a nice rain this morning.  It feels a bit odd tho.  I normally would have my thoughts on packing and final trip preparations but I’m not going anywhere this year.  It seems like such a huge departure from the norm and it leaves me with somewhat of an “unsettled” feeling if that makes any kind of sense.

So maybe we can get out this weekend and do something instead.  It’s suppose to be awfully brisk and maybe a good drive around the central Minnesota country side would be what the doctor ordered.