Tuesday Evening


The sumac is has been turning red here and now my Burning Bushes are turning as well.  They will all be a brilliant crimson soon enough and will be painting the landscape even more red than it already is.  The trees on the other hand are turning slowly except for the ash and the elms.  The maples and oaks are behind but their day and time is coming soon.

The birds are busy as usual at my feeders but I’ve noticed fewer yellow finches.  I assume they have started to head south for the winter and the common finches will be right behind them soon enough.  I caught a brief glimpse of the Blue Jay that has been hanging around and he is as resplendent as ever in in his blues and whites.  I’m not sure where the cardinals took off to but I suspect that they are still around.

Our 10 day weather forecast doesn’t look so good.  We’ll see what actually happens but I think our typical Fall weather is right around the corner for us.

Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


It’s that time of year again.  Time to prep all of my materials for an annual performance review.  If you can’t tell, I’m about as excited about doing this as I would be to go see a proctologist for an exam.  I really, really despise these things.  I see nothing value added by doing these things since I consider them to be practically worthless.

I’ve really come to also despise the new Photos app on my MacBook.  Yayayayayayaya, it’s packaged software that’s free and it comes from Apple.  But it’s a royal pain in the patootie when it comes to uploading photos on to my SmugMug account.  I figured out a workaround for the future and I think we’ll be A-OK.

I still need to get that watermark app so I can put watermarks on my pics.  Not that any will end up on the cover of Time magazine or the National Enquirer.


Can you believe this first aired on the TV on October 27, 1966?  I remember watching it when it first aired and have been watching it every year since then.  Yayayayayaya, I know I just dated myself.