Monday Morning


It’s cool out there right now but it’s warmed to a lovely 12C.  That’s about 53*F for those of us in the states.  Regardless of how you read your temps, cool is cool and this morning is cool.  It was even cooler when I got up and was moving about but we won’t get into that.

I’m still waiting for that major shift to happen with the leaves making that rapid change in colours.  It’s a slow process right now but don’t misunderstand that I’m not good to go with the warm temps during the day.  I sure do like them and hate to concede that there aren’t too many “warm” days left for this year.

I harvested all of my green onions late Saturday afternoon.  I just have to clean them and package them away for the freezer soon enough.  The last of my tomatoes are still on the cafe table slowly ripening.  I did a little messing around in the green bean bed and I have a good idea as to how much extra garden soil needs to go in to fill it some more.  Another truckload should taken care of the new bed plus fill in where the others are falling short.

Now it’s time to start thinking about winter projects inside my place.  I know of at least two rooms that will need repainted.  Maybe I can pick up those air nailers as well and replace the trim while I’m at it.  There’s always something to do around here.


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  1. It was hot here today. I am waiting for a hurricane which I hope won’t come, but I have a bad feeling.
    I posted my annual Halloween picture on my blog earlier 😀

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