Five for Friday

I am really, really late with posting this for today.

1. It seems as if the Gods have decided that today is the day to have multiple work laptop issues. I troubleshooted and troubleshooted and even got the national Help Desk to give it a go; all to no avail.  I sat down and tried the simple thing of going wireless (it hadn’t occurred to any of us before) and that seemed to do the trick.  It appears I either have a network cable issue or a port issue or both.

2. One of my bird feeders seemed to have grown brown and grey hairs.  It was almost wrapped in squirrels stealing the seed.  They were just growling at one another but too busy eating to fight.  I chased them off for now.  They will be back I’m sure.

3. It’s a beautiful Fall day out there today.  The sun warmed up the decking and that feels great on bare feet.  The grass and the earth are awfully wet and cold though.  I think I’m going to harvest all of my green onions tomorrow.

4. I’m wondering if I have a lens that I will need to send in for some maintenance and/or repair.  It’s not quite focusing all of the way.

5. Can it really be October 1st tomorrow?  September has just flown by.  Maybe it’s just me.  Whatever is green will be rapidly turning colours with the leaves really falling off the trees fairly soon.  Oh well.  I suppose it is what it is.

OK, that’s it for today.  Feel free to comment or just leave a “Howdy!” if you want.



24 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Of all these issues, I relate to the squirrel problem the most. Right now we are fighting with one particular squirrel who is killing the small birds in our yard, about one per week and eating my drought-tolerant gazanias.

    We put down granules to prevent the latter, but it washes away with the sprinklers. We have a humane trap and are back to baiting it so we can catch and relocate him 5 miles away. It is a frustrating problem, because I love animals and have a hard time even yelling at him.

    As for computer problems and internet issues, all of us have those now, regularly.

    Wish it felt like autumn here on Oct 1 but it is hot, hot, hot.

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  2. portapatetcormagis

    Sounds like you’re having a beautiful day over there at your place.

    And yes, you are late! I’ve already feared I had to go to bed without you.

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