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  1. Of all these issues, I relate to the squirrel problem the most. Right now we are fighting with one particular squirrel who is killing the small birds in our yard, about one per week and eating my drought-tolerant gazanias.

    We put down granules to prevent the latter, but it washes away with the sprinklers. We have a humane trap and are back to baiting it so we can catch and relocate him 5 miles away. It is a frustrating problem, because I love animals and have a hard time even yelling at him.

    As for computer problems and internet issues, all of us have those now, regularly.

    Wish it felt like autumn here on Oct 1 but it is hot, hot, hot.

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  2. Sounds like you’re having a beautiful day over there at your place.

    And yes, you are late! I’ve already feared I had to go to bed without you.

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  3. September flew by! I don’t know what happened. Ever since I learned about hookworm, I do not leave the house barefooted. The deck, yes. The grass, no. *Note: my learning about hookworm does not indicate that I had hookworm : )

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