Buche de Noel


I’ve always been fascinated with food from other countries and especially when it came to Christmas delicacies.  Yes I used the “C” word and it’s not even October. I’ve seen these a couple times on the tube right around Christmas time and I wonder how hard they would b to prepare and assemble.  Maybe this is something that I should turn over to my oldest since she is more of a pastry baker than I am.

Anyone have any experience with these?  It would be fascinating to have one of these for Christmas dessert.


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14 thoughts on “Buche de Noel”

  1. Now that looks yummy 🙂
    But I really recommend that you try this before at least 2 or 3 times so you can be sure it will be a success for Christmas dinner 😉
    Don’t forget to tell us so we can envy you for your buche

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  2. If you can make a jelly roll cake you can make this. It takes a special type of cake – almost a thin sponge cake. Put the icing in the centre and roll it. Then ice the outside. You can make the secondary branch as an add on. – No problem.

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