Buche de Noel


I’ve always been fascinated with food from other countries and especially when it came to Christmas delicacies.  Yes I used the “C” word and it’s not even October. I’ve seen these a couple times on the tube right around Christmas time and I wonder how hard they would b to prepare and assemble.  Maybe this is something that I should turn over to my oldest since she is more of a pastry baker than I am.

Anyone have any experience with these?  It would be fascinating to have one of these for Christmas dessert.

Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


Yeh, it’s cool out there this morning.  It’s a rather tropical 47*F right now but was a degree or two cooler when I started my morning commute.  I know it’s cool because this morning was the first day that I saw my breath in the morning air.  Ugh!

I’m wondering why the Presidential debates don’t include Gary Johnson or Dr. Jill Stein.  There are options other than the usual two.  It would be interesting to listen to the responses if Dr. Jill and Gary were allowed to respond at the same time.  It would be interesting to see voter reaction with two more choices.

I hate my work laptop.  It’s sooooooooo slow.  I would do a complete reformat and reinstall if I had my druthers.  It would clean up I don’t know how many corrupted registry files and make it all ship shape in Bristol fashion.  Unfortunately, they won’t let me have an Administrator password or privileges.

Time to get some work done.